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siskavard responds:


Well, that was disturbing. Nice work :D

A bit hard to fallow on what was going on but still well done.

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The game is fun but the difficulty is a bit much.

Gypopothomas responds:

The next update's brought the difficulty down a bit, but if I stop seeing people saying it's too hard, I'm putting it back up!

I really like the idea, kind of like a mix of Final Fantasy and Phoenix Wright. I do wish there was maybe some voice acting or something to go along with the text boxes.

Venks responds:

I would like to have voice acting, but with my current level of acting ability I think some of the voices would be really poor. Though this is something I should look into and see if I can make feasible with the help of others.

Graphics and sound in this game is good but the gameplay is very lacking. This game is in the same genre as games such as Trials, Learn to Fly, and Joe Danger but this one lacks in any way of challenge and creativity. After playing through the entire game I found that there is no skill involved, just holding the up button and pressing the X button when you buy boost. Rarely if ever did I need to use the tilt and the fact that zombies gave you extra cash didn't really matter since you hit them anyway and didn't have to go out of your way to make sure to get them. The Graphics are good, controls are solid, sound is alright, but the gameplay lacks in every way. In a game like Trials you have to fight for every inch but in this game you just play it till you get enough cash to upgrade. Even a game with Upgrades, such as Learn To Fly, requires skill to go farther than just buying the upgrades will allow. I say again that the game is well made but the gameplay just isn't there.

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Nice rendition of the theme. Well done.

Nice job. I can point out parts that sound like I've heard them in other tracks but they all work well together and cover allot of ground in just 5 and a half min while still working with each other. Good work as usual sir.

Nice job. Never played Okami but I've only heard good things about it and I have seen some things on it on the YouTubes. Good work, I like the song.

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Dog :D

WaterPixelArt responds:


Looks like they're in for a Whale of a time.

Kidgalactus responds:

We all are

These guys always had fun designs.

Hey, I'm that guy who makes the stuff using sprites because he can't draw in that program then put them on that site. You know...that guy.



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